Vestment colours are used to represent the mood of the Mass being celebrated - the colour applies to the altar cloth and the celebrant's vestments.

There are 4 normal colours for vestmests:

- Ordinary Time
A sign of Life and Growth
- Advent
- Lent,
- Mass for Life,
- Funerals (optional)
Represents Expectation, Purification, or Penance
- Passion,
- Holy Spirit,
- Martyrs,
- Pentecost,
- Confirmation
Represents Royalty, Fire, and Martyrdom. Used on special Feast Days and Holy Days throughout the year.
- Easter
- Christmas,
- Feasts of Our Lord & non-martyrs,
- Funerals (optional)
Represents Joy and Triumph.


There are 2 optional colours for vestmests:

  Rose - 3rd Sunday of Advent and 4th Sunday of Lent (optional)
   Black - Funerals (optional) Masses for the Dead and All Souls (optional)