This page is predominately for the music group - to advise about the forthcoming hymns for mass.

Year A

Date Church date Theme Entrance Offertory Communion Recessional
8 Oct 17 27th Sunday He will lease the vineyard to other tenants 628 - Soul of my Saviour 273 - Gifts of bread and wine 882 - O Lord, hear my prayer 202 - Colours of day
15 Oct 17 28th Sunday Invite everyone you can find to the wedding 480 - My God, and is thy table spread 661 - The Lord's my shepherd (T1 - Crimond) 470 - Make me a channel of your peace 307 - Guide me, O thou great Redeemer
22 Oct 17 29th Sunday Give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar - and to God what belongs to God 361 - Immortal, invisible, God only wise 250 - Father, in my life I see 141 - As I kneel before you 257 - Fill your hearts with joy and gladness